Price £0.91 per litre (6th Oct. 2021)

Red DieseRed diesel l Beeston Marina Nottingham.
Marina River Trent

'Red Diesel' is available for sale at Beeston Marina Nottingham. Red Diesel can be purchased for the propulsion of boats, heating or plant use. It must not be purchased to be used in Road Vehicles. 

Upon purchase, the customer must declare the purpose for which the Red Diesel is being purchased. The appropriate duties/taxes will then be levied for the customer to pay. Further information can be found at the RYA website.

The diesel pump is located adjacent to our moorings on the River Trent, outside of the Boathouse Café. This means that boats can come alongside for fuelling.


On arrival, please visit the Chandlery and the team will assist in filling of your diesel fuel tanks. 

If purchasing for use on land e.g. for plant or heating customers must provide suitable containers for the collection of the diesel. 

We have a high turnover of diesel, and it's pre-filtered prior to delivery. However, water can build up in your fuel tanks leading to the risk of 'diesel bug' and the blocking of filters and ultimately issues with the running of your engine.


We recommend the use of Marine 16 diesel treatment to either 'shock' the fuel if you find you have a diesel bug issue, or as a preventative treatment. 

Any queries please contact us.